3 Reasons That Make Weight Lost Over 40 Different For Women vs Men


The weight loss over 40 is different for women than men. You can check all the medical studies and clinical testing ever done. You will never find 3 reasons that separate women and men in weight loss over 40. Take this for what it is worth. After many years of research and observation by me here are the 3 reasons why women are different from men in weight loss over 40.

  1. Most men do not care about weight loss or even looking good. Just look around. It is an ongoing survey everyday. Women try every new fad diet in the world, newest makeup, and have electrical surgery at a higher rate than men. These are not bad things. It just shows women take better care of themselves than men.
  2. Exercise for most men is changing the channel with a remote control or going to the fridge to get another beer for them because no one else is around. Now women are joining health clubs, taking yoga, doing Tae Bo, pilates, dance classes, cardio workouts, and using every piece of exercise equipment known to mankind. Most men only go the health clubs to meet in shape … health … beautiful women.
  3. The last reason why weight loss over 40 is not important to men is in the numbers. Because of the first 2 reasons, women out number men about 4 to 1. So there is more competition with women for the men that are still living. How many out of shape, bald, let us be nice … lacking in grooming in clothes and appearance men do you see still around. Women are looking great and in shape. It is just too bad that their choices out there are on the low side.

The final data is not in and the numbers could change over the next 20 years. If some smart men out there start getting it together, they will find heaven on earth. Men, if you make the effort women do to stay fit and healthy, your golden years might be your best. To the women, you do one hell of job putting the men to shame. You out live them, become wealthier, and look great with weight loss over 40.

You Go Girls

Source by G Cook