5 Top Warning Signs of Diabetes – Diabetic Symptoms


Are you suspecting that you may be the next victim of diabetes?

If yes then following are the top 5 signs of diabetes:

Unquenchable Thirst: Do you have a feeling that no matter how much do you drink; you still are unable to get enough water? If your answer is yes then this is a telltale sign that your body is dragging extra water from the blood. That is why it is becoming impossible to restock the water. So if you are making frequent trips to the rest room because of drinking plenty of water but still unable to hydrate then it is better to contact the doctor.

Frequent Urination: Unquenchable thirst leads to the second warning diabetic symptom. Not being able to hydrate is one of the worst things a person can experience. There are few things but even if we assume for a moment there isn’t anything. It is mocking to drink plenty of water constantly without hydrating yourself. Most of the water is going waste and causing you to spend a lot of time in bathroom.

Whenever there is an added amount of glucose in the body the urge to take a leak become frequent. Most of us must know about insulin resistance. The kidneys become unable to filter the blood and become overflowed. They draw excessive water from blood for diluting the glucose. This keeps them heading towards the rest room.

Weakness/Fatigue: Here again glucose is the culprit. If insulin does not help glucose to convert into energy or the cells of the body fail to react properly towards insulin; then the glucose stays in the blood and the body cells start to starve from energy. So the endless cycle of fatigue and weakness starts.

Sudden and Unexplained Weight Loss: This is a more noticeable diabetic symptom in type 1 diabetes. As the pancreas of the body has quit performing its function, the body has to look for other energy sources. So where is the other energy source?

It is the muscle mass and fat cells of the body. Type 1 diabetic’s body start to use these fat and muscle mass and as a result the person experiences a sudden decline in body weight. This symptom is not very obvious in type 2 diabetics. The reason is that type 2 diabetic gradually become resistant to insulin.

Tingling/Numbness In Extremities: Though the term sounds funny but it is the warning diabetic symptoms. It is an alarming that body is behaving like an engine without oil. It is a sign of damage to the nervous system because if persistent high blood glucose levels.

Other warning Diabetic Symptoms: There are some other warning diabetic symptoms as well which raise a red flag. These are dry skin, blurriness in vision, recurrent infections and slow healing wounds and cuts.

Though most of these symptoms are the warning diabetic symptoms still sometimes they can be the result of something entirely different. It is always better to consult the doctor so you can have a clear diagnosis in black and white.

Source by Tehmina Mazher