Atkins Diet Criticism – Highlighting The Negatives


The Atkins, a well renowned diet has come with numerous condemns. Doctors, health and diet specialists have given different views on this particular aspect. Some believe that is a very hazardous diet and others firmly say, it is a very healthy mode to lose excess weight and some pronounce that it helps out on an interim basis.

There are thousands of folks who found a great success with the use of this diet. They can talk out from their personal experience and they know the working of the diet and say it is an effectual way of reducing weight. There are testimonials which advertise the advantage of this low carb living style.

There are numerous criticisms on the Atkins diet. The major one is that this diet is very high on fats. The use of butter, fatty meats and oil are much far off from the low fat diet style that very recently influenced the country. Many people have still not understood the idea behind eating butter and oil with their food, where they want to lose weight. They fathom as to much fat in their first look. However they strictly listen to the advice given by Dr. Atkins and pursue the program as they know it concentrates on good diet fad. Other helpful facts and the use of virgin oil are emphasized. The appropriate use of this oil is necessary for brain function and management.

The other most important criticism is that this diet concentrates significantly on food and very little exercise. The food choices absolutely differ from the usual diet of the people. This does not give rise to the statement” exercise does not form an essential part in this program”. Both the Aerobic and anaerobic exercises are given much importance and also, they help in losing weight drastically.

Many of the critics feel that this diet would not work for a long period. They do agree that this diet is incredibly effective on short term basis but difficult to maintain over a period time. There are people who pursue on as long term basis and claim it as one of the uncomplicated diets that can be followed. This Atkins program considers the use of rich food that is proscribed in others and has appetite-repressing effects.

When combined with the swift weight loss which is an encouraging factor for many, it is easy to put on with it for a long period.

The use of Atkins has also some consequences such as bad breath, constipation and these are pin pointed quickly. These side effects are not common as they critics express. They do occur, but only in the first segment of the diet. Drinking excess of water will generally ensure that the effects are cured immediately.

None of the diets are free from pros and cons. If you don’t intend to prepare or use much of meat then this diet is not the one suggested for you. If you are very concerned on using the Atkins diet then you must be ready to look beyond the general criticisms to infer veracity of the diet.

Source by Abhishek Agarwal