Basic Rules For a Successful Weight Loss Journey


Do you tend to follow weight loss programs that are too restrictive to keep up with for a long time? Do you focus on the scale as your only measure for success? Do you have a hard time setting realistic goals for your lifestyle? Do you not have a specific plan for weight loss? Are you expecting the perfect body? If you said yes to three or more of these questions then you will fail with your weight loss journey.

There are some basic rules one must follow in order to be successful in their weight loss journey. First things first you will not lose 50 pounds in the next two months so give that unrealistic goal up pronto. A huge part of a dieter's problem is buying into the "fast weight loss" idea. Contrary to the ads blasting us on a daily basis it is not safe to lose more than 4 pounds in a week. This is one hurry every dieter needs to get over right away be very cautious about any diet or weight loss program program offering results that just simply are out of reach. It is plain and simple you did not gain the 50 pounds in two months so do not expect to lose the 50 pounds in two months.

Second you need to get real with yourself about your reason to be on a weight loss plan. If you want to lose weight to look like the model on the new fashion magazine you're reading forget it now. Again, this is very unrealistic and you will give up. Sit down and really put some thought into it, down to the soul searching reasons why you want to lose weight. How can you achieve your goal if you do not know why you are going after the goal?

The third thing you need to do is come to the terms that you will give into cravings from time to time. If you set your expectation up to not cheat you will cheat faster than you think. You can not tell yourself you can not have something. Now do not get me wrong it is all about moderation. A mistake that many dieters make is setting an expectation up to not have any cravings or setbacks in their diet. Doing this will only result in failure, you need to look at things in a different light. Think about it this way you are on a weight loss plan so overall you are eating better than ever right? Well that one cupcake will not add back all the calories that you have not eaten that week. Do not be hard on yourself; it is good to eat treasures in moderation.

Fourth learn about foods. There are so many things you can eat as a dieter that will keep you feeling full while in reality eating less calories but not always less food. Every person is different so you really need to find the right food sequence that fits you. Once you find that trail of foods that work for you the possibilities are endless for your weight loss journey.

Fifth get support and guidance. Losing weight is a hard thing to do if it was not then we would all be model material. Plain and simple it is tough to do with temptations and unsupportive surroundings. When you are trying to lose weight sometimes family members just do not understand. I have had so many people tell me how hard it was to find support within their circle. Having support and guidance increases your chances to lose weight and keep it off. People that do not have support tend to get depressed and gain more weight.

Become successful with your weight loss journey. Know that it will take time, get real and find out exactly what your reasons are for wanting to lose weight, come to terms with the fact that you will treat yourself from time to time, learn your foods, and most importantly get support and guidance . You can lose the weight you want to. You can achieve a realistic weight loss goal. You can learn how and what to eat that fits your lifestyle. You can do this lose weight and keep it off.

Source by Susan Brodnax