Best Full Body Exercises for Weight Loss – Part 2


Two More Full Body Exercises To Help You Lose Weight Fast

A few days ago, I talked about the benefits of Full Body Exercises, how they can help you lose weight fast, and brave you a couple examples of my favorite full body exercises. I would like to follow that up with a couple more exercises you can try.

# 1 Kettlebell Swings

Muscles Worked:

Glutes, Quads, Low Back


Kettlebell Swings are a safe and effective exercise for most people. It's a great full body workout that enrolls several different muscle groups. Kettlebell swings not only improve muscle definition, but they'll work on your cardiovascular endurance as well. If you have back pain, these are a great low impact exercise to improve endurance and strengthen the muscles of the back without a lot of risk for injury.


Most kettlebell activities require some level of teaching in order to ensure proper technique. Be sure

to ask a Certified Personal Trainer about proper form before advancing in weight or speed, especially if you have a previous injury.

How to Perform the Kettlebell Swing:

1. Start with your feet shoulder width apart, with the Kettlebell in between your legs and in line with your toes

2. Reach down and grab the Kettlebell by hinging your hips (slide your butt back and down), similar to a deadlift – not by bending and flexing at the spine

3. Initiate the swing by pushing the kettlebell back between your legs, then push your heels down into the floor and slide your hips back under your shoulders


# 2 Farmer's Walk

Muscle worked:

Forearms, Trapezius, Calves, Glutes, Quads


The Farmer's Walk is easy to learn and easy to progress. It is a great full body exercise that is functional and very beneficial for every day life. It works a lot of the "forgotten" muscles that help with grip strength, posture and gait. It can be performed anywhere with limited equipment.


As always, if you have a previous injury, seek consul from a professional before trying the Farmer's Walk.

How to Perform the Farmer's Walk:

1. Firmly grasp weight in both hands. Lift with Deadlift form to avoid putting your spinal at risk – push up through the heels, back flat, glutes engaged.

2. Keeping your shoulders back, walk in a controlled manner however far you deem necessary.

There you have it! Part 2 of the best the full body exercises for weight loss and muscle definition. The Kettlebell swing and Farmer's Walk are two more exercises that are easy to learn and should be added to your workout repertoire. If you missed the Best Full Body Exercises – Part 1, be sure to check out my other article!

Source by Ryan M York