Can a Person Start Swimming to Lose Weight? Yes They Can, and Here's What You Need to Know


I'm sure without a doubt the reason you are reading this is because you have either read about or have heard about swimming to lose weight. Maybe you are someone who has heard a conversation where two people were talking about how swimming could actually help a person lose a lot of weight.

A lot of people answer on this and a lot of people agree on this subject, but the fact of the matter is that swimming really can help a person who is determined to lose weight just that in a short amount of time too. Swimming is a cardiovascular exercise that helps to burn calories fast.

Now of course we all want to know how long it is going to take to see the results that we want to see while we are swimming to lose weight. Whenever you see any athletic swimmer see on TV you will notice that they always have a slim and athletic body, and the reason why it is so easy for them to swim is because of the fact that swimming is their day job and their passion.

They practically do it every day. If your goal right now is to swim to lose weight then know it is a goal that is near to impossible. There are a lot of different forms of exercising other than swimming, and swimming is an exercise that requires a person to not only use their muscles but it requires an extreme amount of focus as well.

The amount of stamina that a swimmer has been able to compare or equivalent to the amount that a boxer has. Swimming is not the only exercise that will help you lose weight because there are a ton of other cardiovascular exercises that can help you reach your weight loss goal. You could take up jogging, boxing, do push-ups, basketball, or soccer.

These are only a few of the exercises that you can start to help you lose weight. Bear in mind that swimming will help you tone your muscles and build up your stamina, but it will not really help you lose a ton of weight. If you really want to swim to lose weight then you need to do more laps than 10 in one swimming session.

Make sure that you are recording the amount of time it takes you to do each lap so you know how fast you need to be going. Start with a small number of laps and then as you get better you can increase it. You also want to make sure that you are swimming in water that is lukewarm and not too cold because cold water freezes up your muscles and it in no way helps you burn calories while you are swimming.

Remember that swimming to lose weight will help you burn calories fast, but do not be dependent on it as your main exercise.

Source by Jacob Portman