Can You Build Muscle And Lose Body Fat At The Same Time?

Can You Get Ripped And Lose Excess Fat Simultaneously?

One question I’m constantly requested is, “Can you really lose excess fat and build muscle simultaneously?” My response is an emphatic YES!

To begin with, to construct muscle, you have to constantly overload your muscle mass during a workout session. Heavy training is very important. Even if you take presctiption a calorie-deprived diet to get rid of excess fat, you’ve got to be psychologically tough and then train heavily to preserve-as well as build-muscle tissue. And, as I have discussed several occasions already, support heavy training when you eat high-quality protein regularly.

To get rid of excess fat but still build muscle, you have to really be careful about your diet carefully. Keep the daily calorie intake through your maintenance level. Whenever you lower your calories, make sure to keep the diet high quality protein. Much of your calories may come out of your carb consumption. Obviously, be careful about your fat intake.

This is how It is best to manipulate your carb consumption: For a few days, eat only vegetables for carbohydrates then return to grains like grain, taters, and pasta for a few days. Rotate in this way and find out how rapidly you begin melting body fat. Because carbohydrates provide you with energy, this might become difficult at occasions. Nonetheless, it’s a extremely effective strategy.