Copy of Cabbage Soup Diet – Simple Diet For Massive Results


So you have heard about the diet that has been called the seven day miracle worker. This is a diet that can drop a good amount of weight in a hurry. This is actually not a new diet. It has been around for many years, and has been called many different things. We are going to give you a copy of cabbage soup diet so you can have it for yourself.

The cabbage soup is not the only thing you eat on the diet as you will see. This is just a filler that you can eat any time of the day or night. You can actually eat as much of it as you want which is great. This diet works so well because you are lowering calories and getting rid of the garbage food that you should not be eating in the first place. One of the main no eating foods are bread and any kinds of sweets. The copy of cabbage soup diet is a seven day plan. You can actually lose up to 10 pounds over those seven days which is just amazing. Here is the program.

Day 1: Eat as much fruit as you desire, but keep the bananas out of the equation

Day 2: Take the fruit out and you can eat all the vegetables you want

Day 3: Today is all fruit, all vegetables and all soup day!

Day 4: You can drink skim milk and up to 8 bananas

Day 5: Chicken, beef, and tomatoes today

Day 6: beef or chicken as much as you want. Eat vegetables too.

Day 7: Unsweetened fruit juices and brown rice

This is a really simple diet to follow and can have some dramatic results at the end of it. So now you have your copy of cabbage soup diet to follow and lose weight.

Source by James M Donovan