Diets That You Need to Stay Away From


Every diet you ever went on left you heavier than before? And there are hundreds of them – the 'eat what you want' diet, the color diet, the only meat diet.

And even if you do lose some weight in the beginning, it usually comes back with some pile-on friends. The key to losing weight is eating fewer calories than you burn. Diets cause weight loss because they are basically low on calories and do not satisfy the body's need for fuel. So after a few weeks of being 'starved', people accept defeat. This sense of failure makes them eat unhealthy, solely for comfort.

Experts say such diets not only fail to impact the dieter's weight in the long term, but also lead to a sense of deprivation, failure and discouragement, denting the self-esteem.

These are the five types of diets that are illegally to produce long-term results.

A.Those who focus on exclusive foods: The diet that focuses on exclusive foods or food groups – such as soup diets, raw food diets and many low carb diets. Your body needs a variety of foods to satisfy its needs for nutrients and such diets are bound to fail in the long run. The moment you restrict yourself from having any particular food, your body automatically triggers a craving for the same.

B.Detox diet: Such a diet demands many intricate procedures like liver flushes, hormone injections, etc. However, many researchers say that there's no scientific proof available as to how effective the detox diet really is. Even without this diet, our organs like the liver and the kidney are accompanied with the body's immune system can help us rid of potential toxins.

C. 'Miracle' Diet: Those who are on a diet are always on the look out of short-cut pills and proteins that will give instant results. However, no single food or a diet for that matter can give immediate results. Healthy weight loss has to be slow and gradual.

D.Very Low Cal Diet: Fasting or reducing calorie intake may seem like the logical way for faster weight-loss. However, when you consume very few calories, your body feels that it's starving and hence, it re-adjusts its metabolism. As a result, when you go back to normal eating, you end up putting on more weight than ever.

If your diet does not stand valid from a scientific perspective, there are little chances that it will have long-term benefits.

Source by Jenny Holmes