Fatty Liver Infiltration Treatment in 3 Steps


Fatty liver infiltration results from excess fat or diminished liver function that leads to accumulation of fat inside liver cells. That fat takes up precious resources leading to further impairment of liver function and leaving two of the most important tasks on the body (metabolism and detoxifying) damaged.

Furthermore, fatty liver (steatosis) can lead to cirrhosis, liver failure, and liver cancer.

But steatosis is treatable, and preventable.

Step 1 – Diet

The first step in reversing fatty liver is adjusting your diet. Reducing meat products, eggs, and milk are important. But you don’t need to become vegetarian – more important than not eating animal products is increasing consumption of vegetables and fruit.

Step 2 – Exercise

Exercise signals your liver it is time to start burning the fat. Because the most accessible fat after diet fat is inside the liver itself, that’s the first fat that will be destroyed, reversing fatty liver infiltration. Combined with diet this may also lead to weight loss: weight loss will be delayed, because first the liver will burn the fatty infiltration, but once the liver is healthy it will start burning fat more effectively than before and weight will melt down.

Step 3 – Herbal Aids

One last step towards liver health is taking supplements and herbal teas. Turmeric, milk thistle, artichoke, and linen are the most important aid in reversing fatty liver infiltration. Treatment with these herbs has even been proven to reverse cirrhosis and liver cancer, previously deemed as chronic irreversible diseases.

What about liver detox?

Liver detox is not a life-long project, however, it can kick start fatty liver infiltration treatment routines. The detox should last no longer than a week and you shouldn’t do more than three per year (I recommend one per year, maybe in the Spring, to act as a bodily spring cleaning).

A liver detox is very simple: for the period simply drink shakes and juices made of vegetables and fruit. Don’t add any milk or products of animal origin, don’t add nuts (they are extremely healthy and you should add them to your diet, just not during detox), and don’t eat the vegetables and fruit, drink them.

Source by Miguel Oliveira