Gain Weight Fast & Muscle With High Frequency, Pt.1

Gain Weight Fast & Muscle Rich In Frequency, Pt.1

It appears that with regards to designing bodybuilding programs to achieve weight and make muscle tissue, all the attention is positioned on the quantity of sets, reps, and exercises to do.

Yes, they are big things to consider when carrying out a exercise routine.

However, there’s still one factor excluded from the equation more often than not….and it is a large one, otherwise the greatest!

I am speaking about training frequency……the quantity of occasions you train exactly the same group of muscles within a quantity of your time (usually each week).

99% of weight lifting routines now-a-days suggest that you train a muscle once per week.

This means that should you trained your chest on Monday you do not train it again until next Monday.

The foundation with this is when you train a particular muscle intensely you have to provide 5-6 times of complete rest to ensure that lots of time to go by to permit that group of muscles to correct, recover, and also be in the workout.

Funny, since i used believe this too.

Whenever you take a look at bodybuilding history, this complete “train a muscle only once per week” philosophy has not existed since the first day.


Decades ago, during the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s nearly all bodybuilders trained each muscle way not only once per week.

They’d train each muscle several occasions each week, having a greater quantity of volume and frequency (but we are just going to pay attention to frequency in the following paragraphs).

What is actually interesting relating to this is the fact that many feel today the physiques of individuals decades have much greater quality than individuals nowadays.

Sure, individuals like Mike Mentzer popularized reducing drastically on training frequency, however it wasn’t before the mid-80’s and 90’s that training a muscle only once weekly grew to become standard in bodybuilding circles.

However, because the masses started to chop lower training a muscle to simply once weekly, are we seen major progress in people’s muscular development and muscle putting on weight???

Definitely not!

Because we have heard and browse it a large number of occasions in the last 20 years all of us have a tendency to believe that training a muscle more often than once per week will certainly result in overtraining, particularly if you avoid using steroid drugs.

But is that this truly the situation?

Prior to getting into specifics regarding the optimum training frequency to construct probably the most quantity of muscle tissue in the quickest rate without overtraining or burning out, we have to find out if actually so any more often than once each week or once every 5-6 days would result in the over-taxing of group of muscles.

Have a real close consider the medical references reported in articles that recommend to simply train a muscle once per week (“infrequently”, because the proponents say).

Whenever a study is pointed out that supposedly had several categories of individuals training, one training under another, every time they provide the outcomes of individuals groups, it is usually tracking who acquired more strength………NOT who acquired excess fat and muscle size.

There’s a significant difference backward and forward…..attaining strength or building size.

With no, the 2 don’t go hands in hands (more about this inside a future article).

Sure, these studies may prove that training “infrequently” might be more effective for building muscular strength (…which by itself is not really true either, as I’ll also talk about afterwards), however it does not prove that it’s more effective for building size….growth.

The issue with evaluating what most articles / weight lifting routines recommend is they are going from the quest for strength rather of size.

It appears for them that as lengthy when you are gaining strength, then you’ve got to be gaining size. Right???

Hah! Exactly what a joke. Anybody which has ever labored out for a lot of time knows that exist more powerful and more powerful each week, but still look exactly the same within the mirror.

So, to begin with within our “optimal frequency evalulation” is the fact that we can’t set off of these research, nor are we able to conclude that simply because training a muscle once per week will let you get more powerful it will likewise cause you to bigger.

Real existence experience has shown again and again this is not how it operates within the “real life”.

Be searching out for part 2 want to know ,, as we’ll go much deeper into this very imporant subject for people searching to achieve muscle weight and make mass.