Good Tips and Advice For Dating a Girl Or Boy


Whether it’s your first date or your hundredth, chances are you still feel unsure of how to be on your best behavior. A date is already a high press situation and stressing out about good etiquette will only make it worse, so here are a few do’s and don’ts to help you make a fantastic impression.

Never talk with food in your mouth

Always finish chewing and swallowing before responding – nothing is more unattractive than a mouth full of partially mashed meat and vegetables

Always Bring a Small Gift

This goes for the ladies also. Bring a small flower, a small box of their favorite candy, or any small token of your admiration. It’s a nice way to start off any date.

Never drink too much

There are almost too many reasons for this one, so instead of alcohol have a cola or a “virgin” version of your favorite mixed drink

Always tip well

If you pay the tab or split the bill, make sure you leave an appropriate (at

least 15%) tip for your server. After all, you never want your date to think of you as a cheap-skate

Never talk badly about your former love interests

You’ve probably heard the old advice about never bad-mouthing your past employers, well the same applies to your past relationships. Even if you dumped your last guy for being a cheating jerk or your last girl for being a clingy nag, now is not the time to recount the gruesome details.

Always say at least one nice thing to your date

Whether you feel chemistry or not, whether you plan to go out again or not, always give your date at least one sincere compliment during the evening.

Never push romance or intimacy

You may feel that the date is going great and maybe you’re ready for a kiss, but never push the issue. If your date seems reluctant, you should respect that.

Always bring enough money

Nothing can be more embarrassing than not being able to pay your tab. Always bring some cash, as well, in case there is a problem with your credit card.

Never be rude or critical

Dating is hard enough without having a date who tells you everything you are doing wrong all the time – keep in mind the old adage: if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything.

Always stay focused on the other person

Nothing will ruin a date faster than one person’s roving eye or a failure to pay attention when the other person is speaking. So give your complete attention to your date – they deserve that much

Never ask financially-focused questions

A date, especially early on, is not the time for questions like “How much do you earn a year?” or “What did that car cost you?” And you should also avoid flaunting those dollar amounts as well. People are about more than their salaries.

Always be yourself

Don’t try to impress your date with tales of your fabulous job or your huge bank account if you don’t have either. Be honest and be who you really are; otherwise, your date may not be interested in you, but in who you are pretending to be.

Never take (or make) cell phone calls while on a date

Turn it off! Nothing is ruder than ignoring your date to take a phone call. Unless you’re a doctor being called for an emergency, your date will not be impressed.

Always be on time

The worst way to start a date is to be late. Obviously delays may occur, so if you are running behind, give your date a call. A simple act of courtesy can prevent your date from getting off track.

Never promise to call if you don’t plan to

So the date was lousy and ending the evening is awkward, never promise a call or a future date unless you plan to follow through. Instead, simply wish them a pleasant evening and head home. If they ask you directly, be honest, but not rude.

Always look your best

Maybe we shouldn’t be judged by how we look, but the fact is most people feel more confident, more vibrant when they feel that they look nice. So spend the extra time picking out your clothes and fixing your hair, it’ll be worth it.

Never expect something afterward

Men and women are both guilty of this: expecting a little more from a date than just a fun evening. If your only objective on a date is to get sex, you will not get to know the person and you will not be forming a meaningful relationship.

That’s fine, but make sure the other person is fully aware of the relationship’s limitations as well.

Always think positively

The best way to make your date a great one is to go into it with optimism and a smile!

Source by Lomboz Mike