How to Avoid Regaining Weight After a Diet


The majority of people who have tried diets have lost weight with one way or another, but only a small part of them has succeeded maintaining the new weight along the way. You see, losing weight is just the beginning, and not the end; This is not a 100 meters race but a marathon. In general, serious indications that you have indeed succeeded in maintaining the new weight will be shown after the completion of one year.

So how to avoid regaining weight after a diet? This depends mostly on you and the diet you have followed. If your target was to lose weight quick just for looking good in the summer, or for some occasion, then you have certainly chosen some crash diet. That means you are already in the wrong path; basically you do not care what happens next, and therefore, you will regain all the previous weight at some point.

If on the other hand, feel determined to lose weight and stay thin for the rest of your life, you will need to try better and harder. You should find a program that not only helps you lose weight but educates you about health, nutrition, and fitness. During diet you should learn, how to eat the right foods, in the right amounts at the right times, and how much of activity you need to do. Basically is all about finding a balanced diet plan.

Another reason why people regain weight easily is because they are afraid of the word maintenance, to them it means more diet. Of course that's wrong; in the maintaining period, people get often advised to increase gradually the quantities they eat, only this time with the correct eating and drinking habits: eating slowly and consciously, eating many fruits and vegetables, healthy fish and meat, legumes, dairy, drinking lots of water.

There is no more need to be missing any of these foods from your menu. Also do not forget that exercise is key on keeping you in good form. It's equally important to keep a journal for at least a year or more in order to keep track of any changes (good or bad) in your weight, so you would always be able to correct something wrong and move forwards.

Source by Yannis Mihanos