How to Feel Like Eating Breakfast First Thing in the Morning


We have all heard countless times that it is important to eat breakfast first thing in the morning. For weight watchers it gets the body's metabolism up to speed quickly so that energy intake during the rest of the day is burned more efficiently. Additionally, kids who do not eat breakfast do not perform so well at school and have a higher rate of late attendance. People who eat breakfast are also more verbally fluent and have better hand / eye coordination. So we know about the benefits, but what if you are one of the millions who are simply not up to eating breakfast? It's all very well to be lectured on the virtues of eating breakfast, but if you can not face it, where does that leave you on the journey to health and fitness? Let's have a look at some of the factors that may help you to increase your desire to eat in the morning.

If you are following a weight loss regimen, you will probably be exercising to aid your efforts. Can your exercise be done first thing in the morning? If you exercise first thing, you may feel more like eating breakfast afterwards before starting your day.

Sometimes the thought of cereals or toast is enough to put anyone off breakfast. There are no rules, you can eat anything. Try some fresh fruit such as grapefruit or banana, or what about about a Scandanavian type smorgasbord? Mix it up each day to maintain the interest. If you are still struggling, try drinking some fruit juice as soon as you get up. This can kick start your body into action, so that by the time you have yourself ready for work or school, you may feel a bit more like eating something before walking out of the door.

If you do not get enough sleep you will feel nauseous in the morning, and therefore less likely to eat. Furthermore as the day progresses fatigue sets in, and you are more likely to seek out the quick sugar rush of a candy bar or cookies. Having said that, do not lie in bed for so long that you do not have sufficient time to eat breakfast – if you feel pressured for time you are not likely to place eating breakfast at the top of your priorities. Try not to eat before going to bed. Set up a time – say six o'clock – after that time, resolve not eat anything at all. This will have a double effect, it will help slimmers, because statistically many excess calories are eaten in the form of snacks in the evening, but also you are more likely to feel hungry in the morning, and so eat some breakfast.

It may be that motivation is the problem, perhaps you do not feel like eating breakfast simply because you can not drum up the energy to prepare it? Would you eat breakfast if you were staying overnight at a hotel? If so, motivation is definitely your problem. Maybe you could convince someone in your household to make breakfast for you in the morning? If you have kids, sometimes it's a way they could earn their allowance.

If after trying these suggestions you are left still wanting to know how to feel like eating breakfast first thing in the morning, maybe you are just one of those people for which it is never going to happen. If that is the case, then at the very least you should eat at the earliest opportunity in the day – the benefits are worth it.

Source by Adrian Jenkinson