How To Get Rid of Love Handles – 10 Simple and Fast Tips


Love handles are bad for your health and make you look less attractive to other people. Try following tips to get rid of them or at least make them less obvious.

1. Drink plenty of water and avoid carbonated beverages. Drinking a lot of carbonated beverages and sugary drinks makes you gain more weight.

2. Don’t eat too much French fries. Salt causes swelling as it preserves moisture. Condensed or canned foods with high level of sodium should also be avoided.

3. Do not chew gum too often. Chewing gum makes you inhale much air and inflates your belly.

4. Drink coffee. If you have constipation, which can be one of the causes for love handles, drinking plenty of coffee can be helpful.

5. Wear body shape correction underwear. Correction underwear is the fastest, though not permanent, way to deal with love handles. A well-fitting correction underwear also can make you look slim. Just avoid wearing too tight underwear for your health.

6. When you buy clothes, pick those that are of the most appropriate size to you. Especially, when you wear a business suit, it should not be too tight. Otherwise, it will make your belly and love handles too apparent. You should adopt fashion styles that can divert people’s look from your fat belly to other parts of your body.

7. Find colors that suits you well. You should create your own blend of colors to improve your appearance. If you dress up in the similar colors, you look slimmer.

8. Make a wise choice of the fabric for your clothes. Silk, artificial silk and sport shirts are good choices for people with love handles. They can hide your extra flesh.

9. Wear high heels. High-heeled shoes forces you to take position with tight belly and also make you look more slender.

10. Do this simple exercise often. Breathe out while slowly raising both arms. This lowers internal pressure of the body and allows you to develop abdomen muscles.

Source by Sunny Ley