How To Lose Inches From Your Waist – A Powerful Dieting Breakthrough To Burn Off Fat Fast And Easy!


Dieting these days seems to be more of a nightmare than a reachable goal for most folks (including myself at one point)! The reason being is because most of these companies are all about keeping their millions of dollars coming in month after month (yeah… it’s THAT much)! Listen, if you want to know how to lose inches from your waist without the nonsense, then I urge you to take a little bit of time out of your day and read on for an amazing diet strategy that did wonders for me and thousands of others!

Okay my friend, if you’re reading this article here, then I’m pretty sure you have heard it all and seen it all, and you’re just ready to stop playing around and get yourself in shape! With that said, the most powerful dieting discovery that most people don’t even know about is called metabolism confusion.

You see, your body and your metabolism will quickly adapt to whatever it is you are doing, whether it be exercise or dieting. If you exercise the same way each week, then your body will reach a plateau. To fix this, all you need to do is switch around your exercise routines (rather it be with intensity, the amount of weight you’re lifting, the repetitions, length of time, etc.) each week to break the plateau.

Now, as far as dieting and your metabolism is concerned, this is where it gets a little tricky. If you eat the same foods in the same way each day, your metabolism will quickly settle down to this pattern and it will then become pretty difficult for you to lose weight, burn fat, and lose inches. So, what you want to do is avoid having your metabolism get too comfortable by switching around your eating patterns each day.

This trick is known as the calorie shift. It’s very simple to do this, and all you need is a trusted diet program that is based on this technique to design a menu plan for you based around this method. The key to ensuring this all works effectively is to make sure that the program you go on is all about eating ALL types of foods without “fad diet like” restrictions (such as the infamous low-carb, low-fat, low-calorie) you see everywhere you turn these days.

The thing I really liked about this type of dieting is not only is it very powerful, it’s also VERY easy to follow. This is because you are not restricting anything, you’re just simply switching things around… and you’re eating REAL foods (no prepackaged meal plans) without significantly lowering your calorie intake.

How powerful is this type of dieting and switching around exercise routines each week? Well, I ended up losing a little over fifty pounds of fat in just around 2 months… permanently!

Source by Avy Barnes