How to Lose Weight While Watching TV


Do not buy into those programs that promise you'll "lose weight while you sleep" by taking some pill or drinking some special concoction. You can, however, drop the pounds while sitting on the couch watching TV.

It's really quite simple: exercise before you watch TV! Exercising raises your metabolism, which causes calories to continue burning even after your workout is over. That means that if you exercise first, you can plop on the couch or take a nap or whatever you want and your body will continue to burn away the calories for a while.

That's why exercise is so important when trying to lose weight. It certainly helps to eat leaner, healthy foods, to drink plenty of water and get enough rest, and all of the other things you hear about losing weight. But if you're not exercising, your body is not burning up those calories that you're taking in. That means either you'll lose weight very slowly, or not at all.

Beside, exercising makes losing weight easier over the long haul. Why? Because each pound of muscle you build will burn 50 calories a day without you doing any extra work. So if you build ten pounds of muscle through exercise, that means you're burning 500 extra calories a day even if you decide to sit in front of the television from dawn 'til dusk.

On top of helping you lose weight, being in good shape through exercise really helps you feel better. You'll have more energy and be more productive mentally as well as physically.

Source by Amos Murray