How to Make Body Alkaline – Alkaline Diet For Weight Loss


Our bodies are more and more out of balance due to the types of foods we are choosing to eat. The imbalance I am talking about is the imbalance of acidic to alkaline balance in your body and getting the right balance is vital for weight loss, wellbeing, skin health and many other health conditions.

So how do you tell if your out of balance, well you probably already are and its an easy task to stay in balance by avoiding foods we see in our supermarkets that are packed with processed and refined ingredients which put our bodies in a more acidic state .

If you're a gardener or own a swimming pool you may be familiar with PH levels and this also applies to your bodies and by maintaining a more alkaline pH level we allow our bodies to make the most of the food we eat by absorbing all the nutrients and minerals we need. In a more acidic state our bodies are restricted and unable to get as much value from the foods you eat.

When looking to follow the alkaline diet you will find it is very similar to avoiding many of the fats are responsible for causing weight gain. The alkaline diet involves avoiding foods that put your body into a more acidic area. Foods like fatty meats, dairy products, processed or refined foods, and some particular nuts and oils.

I love the alkaline diet lifestyle and you can definitely feel the benefits for weight loss and especially for the health of your skin and for me has helped me fight dandruff and keep my digestive system in balance.

My favorite way to make my body more alkaline is to drink a couple shots of barley or wheat grass every day and drinking these alkaline foods a few times a day is enough to combat some of the more acidic foods we eat like meat and dairy.

Source by Samantha Astin