How to Reduce Your Weight in a Week


Here's how to reduce your weight in a week … or possibly less. I'm going to share with you a few less popular safes … things you may have heard about but really did not understand how they relate to weight loss. If you're interested in something learning something new about reducing fat, then read this now.

How to Reduce your Weight in a Week

1. Consider using Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

This is definitely not your typical weight loss product. It is not even categoried as a weight loss product. BUT IT IS. In fact, if I was forced to choose any weight loss "supplement" to take for 2 weeks in order to lose a lot of weight fast, I'd be taking this stuff.

Natural coconut oil is a healthy fat. It's good for you … so do not freak out about it being a fat. Do not worry about that. The bad fats come from things in packages … manmade things. Coconuts are from nature.

Anyways, you'll want the coconut oil that has "extra virgin" or "cold pressed" on the label … this is for purity and processing reasons. Once you get it, you simply need to take 1 tablespoon twice a day between meals on an empty stomach.

It's common for women … and men, to lose 5 or more pounds in less than 2 weeks. The cost is about $ 12 … so it's not a big risk for you to take.

2. Organic apple cider vinegar

This thing is NASTY. But, people who are serious about losing weight will overlook that. I do. I love the stuff because it helps me to maintain my weight and lose weight whenever I need to drop a couple pounds, but I also hate it because it just tastes awful. A way around this is to just douse it on a salad or your foods this way it blends in and you will not taste it as much. I however take it straight. I take a gulp of it before meals to help break down the fats and carbs in those foods.

It OBLITERATES them. When using organic apple cider vinegar, your food gets digested much faster and more efficient. This obviously helps with weight loss.

I recommend taking about a tablespoon before 2 meals … everyday.

These are 2 very good tips on how to reduce your weight in a week … so USE THEM.

Source by Jennifer Jolan