Improve Your Type II Diabetes by Losing Weight


If you have Type 2 diabetes losing weight can significantly reduce your insulin resistance. This is very important because if you lose those extra pounds you might be able to (with your doctor's approval) reduce or eliminate the need for medication.

Being overweight and obesity plays a major roll in the glucose tolerance and type 2 diabetes. The sooner you lose those extra pounds the better off you'll be. You've probably heard this before and you may have even tried to lose weight. It's possible that the reason you have not been able to lose weight is that you're addicted to carbohydrates; Many diabetics are added to carbohydrates.

Carbohydrate addiction is typically characterized by the ability to stop you from eating. You may have strong cravings for sweets during the day and after you eat. Carbohydrate addiction is a real addiction. It is as powerful as any drug or smoking addiction.

If you have failed at dieting before do not get discouraged. Many people who knew that they could not lose weight have been able. There are many new alternative methods available that can help you to lose weight. As you start any weight loss program you should work closely with your doctor so he can monitor your progress and adjust your medications.

The first step should be to see a qualified nutritionist and have them develop a diet plan specifically designed for you. I would avoid the popular diets on the market and instead work with a nutritional consoler. A nutritional consoler will be able to work with your specific needs and design a program that will gradually modify your eating habits.

Some other methods you might want to consider that will compliment nutritional counseling are hypnosis and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). Hypnosis and EFT are the one two punch for effective weight loss.

Hypnosis can be used to reprogram you to act and respond in ways that are beneficial to your health. There are hypnosis programs that can be purchased inexpensively that will address weight loss, exercise, eating habits and many more that are designed to improve your overall well being.

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is a gentle process where you can neutralize the negative emotions that contribute to your negative behaviors. EFT is best described by saying that it is Acupuncture without the needles. The EFT process is not difficult to learn but it is recommended that you work with an experienced EFT practitioner to teach you the basics. It's not necessary that you have to work with an EFT practitioner face to face. EFT can effectively be done over the phone.

Choose the method that works best for you just so long as you get to a healthy weight.

Source by Bill Schuchman