Lose Weight and Build Muscle – 4 Secrets


Often those of us trying to lose weight are worried about depleting our muscle mass and strength in the process. Here are 4 secrets for losing weight while actually building muscle for a fitter, more muscular you.

Secret # 1: Know that you can do both: Some people falsely believe that if they want to lose fat then eating less will sacrifice their muscle mass. This can be true. However, there are proven ways to actually lose fat while building coveted muscle in the right places.

Secret # 2: Match your food intake to your training schedule: One tip is to be sure to eat fewer calories on days you are not working out and more on the days you are working out. This may seem obvious, but it is quite easy to fall into the trap of moving back into a non-stop, heavy caloric intake diet just because you are working out. By adjusting the amount you eat to the amount you are burning, you will optimize your fat burning, muscle building regimen.

Secret # 3: Build up on protein after your workout: Within 20-30 minutes of completing your workout, be sure to take in plenty of protein. It is during this critical time, post-workout, that your muscles having broken down and need to rebuild. Protein is what they need to make that happen. If you wait too long, your muscles will take much longer to build back up after your workout – up to 24 hours or more.

Secret # 4: Do strength training: Building the right kind of muscle is important. To build muscle you should be focusing on strength training. Keep your workouts short, heavy and intense. Do an Internet search on strength training to get more information on which muscle groups to focus on.

Source by Jed C. Jones Ph.D.