Lose Your Weight Naturally


People want to feel good about themselves. This is their driving force to lose those extra few pounds that are not needed by the body. Even though controlling your appetite is the key to lose weight, the mind is the vital key and the most powerful tool one can use to trigger weight loss naturally.

The first thing you have to keep in mind is to feel good about yourself. Instead of allowing the food to make you feel better, you have to feel good about yourself, like feeling good about your hair, your laugh, your personality, your ability to be patient and the entire wonderful thing about yourself. You need to be positive about yourself and how you look.

Next is to slow down. Notice how fast you are eating. You need to slow down when chewing your food. It takes 20 minutes for the brain to recognize that the stomach is full. Therefore take your time when chewing your food. Next is to trade in delicious foods for personal feel goods. When down and sad, we usually resort to eating for comfort. Instead of opting for food for comfort, decide on reading a good book instead, or getting your nails done, or hair or go shopping.

Another temptation that drives us to resort to eating food is boredom. The solution to fighting off boredom to escape eating is to discover a hobby, one that you really like and can not wait to get up early in the morning to do. Little hobbies like making jewelry, making a cross-stitch, and more.

Getting adequate sleep as studies have shown is the most natural method of getting a healthier weight. Another natural way to lose weight is to meet Mother Nature. Yes, eating natural foods have low calories. Brush up during hunger attacks. When it is not yet snack time and you get one of those hunger attacks, try brushing your teeth. Brushing your teeth produces a desire to skip eating, or opt for a gum instead.

You can also do extra things to lose weight naturally. Just like taking the stairs to your office instead of the elevator. These are some things to keep in mind to help you fight off the temptation of eating too much than your body needs. The mind is a powerful tool especially when you are determined to achieve what you want. Feel good about yourself so that you may be inspired to lose those extra few pounds you have been carrying around.

Source by Brenda Brooks