Nine Ways to Lower Blood Pressure


Because of the overall prevalence of heart disease and obesity, it is essential for everyone who is interested in good health and quality of life to lower their blood pressure. Medication does help quite a bit. However, there are many other ways that we can lower it too.

One of the most important ways to lower pressure is to change our lifestyle. We should try to be more relaxed and less stressed out. However, this can be hard to do at first. With practise and awareness we can become more able to pay attention to how we are living and to change it for optimal health and well-being.

Here are the nine ways to lower blood pressure.

1. Lose weight. Medical experts believe that even losing five to ten percent of your weight can have an amazing positive impact on your health.

2. Modify your diet. You can do this by eating less red meat and fat. In addition, you should try and reduce your sugar intake.

3. Limit your alcohol to two drinks or less per day. The more alcohol you drink, the worse you will feel because your arteries will feel more constricted.

4. Stop smoking if you are. This is the best way to reduce hypertension.

5. Become more physically active. Medical experts say that even ten or more additional minutes of exercise a day can help a lot, especially if you commit to exercise consistently.

6. Develop good sleep hygiene. If you don’t get enough good sleep, your blood flow will be very sporadic and unpredictable, causing higher blood pressure. Also, the more you sleep, the less stress and anxiety you will feel. This should help you immensely.

7. Increase your social interaction. Form a few really good friendships. Make sure that your friends make you feel good and celebrate your strengths. This will help you to feel better about yourself and it will help you feel less stress and loneliness.

8. Try to decrease the amount of stress in your life. When we are stressed our arteries get overworked and clots and clogs are possible over the long term. This can cause high blood pressure. So, try and decrease your stress levels as much as possible.

9. Decrease your busyness. This will help you to feel better and more in control of your life and you will experience less stress and anxiety.

By trying to take these steps, you will lower your blood pressure and you will have a better quality of life. This is crucially important for overall quality of life. This is because without an effectively functioning heart and normal blood pressure, you cannot have a good quality of life. So, be sure to preserve your health as much as possible.

Source by Irene Roth