Permanent Weight Loss For You! 12 Tips to Lose Weight For Good


To lose weight is easy when you have the right tools – the right thinking, the right attitude, the right lifestyle and the right knowledge. Weight loss would become permanent too when you are consistent with your program, embracing it in your life.

1. Right thinking- harbor thoughts that are only good for you-that include your body and health. To lose weight, embrace the concept that your body can achieve it. Make this mentality permanent in your mind.

2. Right attitude- if you think you can lose weight without working out. Think again. Weight loss is always associated with physical exercise. The body burns the calories-by means of metabolism-to ration the energy needed to complete the day's line up of activities.

3. Right lifestyle- when under weight loss program, avoid drinking any alcohol.

4. Right knowledge- know what is best for you and your body. Use your knowledge that would work for your benefits.

5. Eat the right kind of carbohydrates- whole grains and other complex carbohydrates should be part of your permanent diet for them stimulate the body metabolic rate, helping you to lose weight.

6. Eat moderately- including good fats or the foods you can eat in moderation. However, if you know that certain foods will likely destroy your diet, avoid it. Weight-loss is more important.

7. Include green tea in your diet- the caffeine content of green tea may help you lose weight.

8. Be fruitful- involve in activities that would make you more productive. The more active you are, the faster your body burns calories.

9. Drink water- in every activity or inactivity, drink water. It replenishes the lost fluids.

10. Get moral support from your friends and family circle -weight-loss program can not be completed in one day and night. It is a procedure that takes time especially when you want it permanent. Support from people dear to you motivates you.

11. Eat all major meals everyday- never omit a meal. It will only disturb your momentum to lose weight.

12. Record your progress- it will inspire you when you know how much weight you lost. You will be driven to make it permanent in your lifetime.

Source by Faviano Torres