Shocking Weight Loss with Green Tea


Green tea and black tea are not much different – they come from the same plant. The difference lies in the method of processing – black tea is allowed to ferment and is oxidizes, whereas green tea has not been allowed to ferment. Depending on how the green tea is processed (roasted or steamed) and where geographically it comes from, green tea could either be partially fermented or not fermented at all.

Green Tea retains much of its tannic acid content, as compared to black tea, where the tannic acid decomposes and forms more caffeine. This extra tannic acid in green tea has many significant characteristics and health benefits such as:

* There is a lower amount of caffeine. And of whatever caffeine is there, this caffeine is still in a linked chain (unbroken), so the caffeine is released at a much slower and gentler rate into the body than either black tea or even coffee.

* Tannic acid's healthy effects are accentuated, these effects include reducing the risk of cancer and inflammations, as well as soothing and calming the gastro-intestinal system.

* There is more Vitamin C in green tea, as there is less or no fermentation. Vitamin C is easily destroyed during the fermentation process.

* There is more Vitamin B and thiamine in green tea. This ensures that the cells of our brain do not lack energy, and also protects the nervous system from being over stimulated.

The various active substances in green tea have been attributed to produce various effects on the body, most of them good. Green tea's potent combination of Vitamin C and flavanoids can help protect us from bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Green tea can help diabetics as it slows down the processing of complex carbohydrates into sugar, thus maintaining the blood sugar levels at a healthier level. It however, does not and can not help with refined sugars, which are found in sweets, cakes and chocolates. So if you are a diabetic, it makes plenty of sense to include it into your regular diet.

If you substitute green tea instead of drinking your coffee with milk and black tea with milk, then you can sale a lot of calories from the milk and sugar used. Because green tea is best drunk plain, there are very little calories in it, almost zero. This is in contrast to the 80 or so calories in coffee with milk and sugar.

Some people simply dislike the taste of green tea, and for these people, they can also derive the health benefits of green tea without having to drink it. This is made possible by the introduction of green tea pills which make the task of consuming green tea more manageable.

Source by Shafir Ahmad