Sleep and Lose Weight!


No, I am not advertising on behalf of a weight loss pill manufacturer !!!

Get a good night's sleep and you will lose weight easier. Sleep really is one of the important things you can change when you are trying to lose weight.

To get the best results from any weight loss program you are following, you need to address your whole lifestyle including sleep.

If you have a poor night's sleep only a fraction of the jobs the body does while we sleep will get done, it needs to repair, recover, re-heal and regenerate. Also our hormones and organs help to detox and rebalance the body. We can get away with the occasional poor sleep sleep but if they happen too often our immune system, health and internal system will deteriorate, which will include fat gain around the stomach, poor and often erratic energy levels, irritability and the need for caffeine and nicotine to help us function.

Once you have removed sugar, alcohol, caffeine, pasteurized dairy, wheat and all processed foods (and yes there are still some things left to eat !!!) you can start fixing a good bedtime routine, and all will fall into place.

Do not forget to make sure you drink 1 to to 2 liters of water a day!

Did you know there is a hormone called serotonin, that wakes you up, and it is released by the brain when it is confused by the light emitting from the TV, computer, mobile phone and anything else with a backlight. So to prepare your brain for sleep it is good practice to switch all these things off an hour or so before you go to bed. Get a notepad and pen and write down a to do list for the next day, then you can clear your mind.You could then relax a candlelit bath and read a novel. Have a mug of camomile tea, then go straight to bed. Do not check your emails one last time, or see who just posted on facebook! Carry on reading by all means, then turn out the light.

Doing this will de-stress you, if your stress hormones are high then you will not sleep well. So many of us do not give time to ourselves.

We tend to take sleep for granted but if you can get a good nights sleep regularly and get into a good sleep pattern your health will improve and it will be easier to lose the excess weight you want rid of.

Source by Lisa S Scott