Some Factors Which Influence the Needs of Water


There are many essential things in human life. Water is one of the most critical examples. Many people often ask about the ideal amount they should drink and use everyday. In this case, there are many different factors you need to deal with and some of possible examples will be explained below. Basically, the explanation will tell you more about the factors which influence the needs of water in daily life. You will finally see the reasons why someone has different need from others.

Basically, there are four major things which differentiate the needs of water. They are such as exercise, environment, certain health condition and also pregnancy. Breast feeding is recently claimed as the possible factor too. If you like exercised or engage to the activities which make you sweat, drinking extra water is good to avoid dehydration. It is great to compensate the fluid loss. In this case, running a marathon will require you to drink more often. The additional fluid you require will greatly depend on the duration and also the exercise type.

The next factor which differentiates the needs of water is environment. It is closely related to the weather. People who are in hot or humid area will tend to sweat and need more fluid. Besides, the heated indoor air will force people to increase the water intake. What about the other factors? The certain health condition, pregnancy and breast feeding are the three other factors to consider. People commonly lose the fluid when they experience some conditions such as fever and vomiting. The certain cases show that the doctor will recommend some solutions to help the patients such as Gatorade, CeraLyte or Powerade. If you do not like such drinking, you can change it by increasing the water intake.

The pregnancy will force women to take enough water. In this case, the large amounts of fluid become the important aspect especially when nursing. The recommended amount is 2.3 liters. That will be the same as 10 cups. The women who are breast-feeding need to consume 3.1 liters or about 13 cups of fluids. Breast feeding will require women to take more water due to the fact that they share it with her baby. Which group do you belong to? In conclusion, someone should assess their activity to understand the right amount of water they should take. What about you? Have you known about your needs?

Source by Calvin M Nieves