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Sports Diet Worldwide is really a leading manufacturer of quality nutritional supplements for athletes who put priority on strength-training and endurance. Products by Sports Diet Worldwide are produced through reliable, peer-reviewed, printed research in muscle physiology vis-à-vis sports performance and dietary science in the area of strength & conditioning performance.

Sports Diet Worldwide provides a gamut of superior quality sport supplements and focuses on thermogenics, energy powder, diet pills, glutamine powder, creatine, weight gainers and pills. Ingredients have highest quality.

The next nutrients are crucial to many of Sports Diet International’s products:


This is actually the most abundant amino acidity in your body. High concentrations are located in skeletal muscles, lung, liver, brain, and stomach tissue. Intracellular power of l-glutamine within the skeletal frame comprises to 60 % of total body glutamine stocks.

L-Glutamine is small in dimensions and due to this it moves easily into muscles thus stopping muscle-breakdown and supporting muscle growth. L-Glutamine likewise helps producing plasma arginine and glutamate–proteins associated with growth.

L– glutamine ought to be taken before eating anything to enhance competition for absorption.

Your body’s tissues require more glutamine compared to amount provided by diet and biosynthesis under certain pathological conditions. During catabolic stress intracellular glutamine levels can drop greater than 50 %. This is where supplemental glutamine is needed. In occasions of metabolic stress, supplemental glutamine is released in to the blood stream, where it’s transported towards the tissue in need of assistance.

Glutamine supplements may provide immune enhancement in endurance athletes.


Glutamine peptide is a type of glutamine that supplies critical foundations for bigger muscle tissue. Peptide-bond proteins are simpler to soak up than L-glutamine. Sports Diet Worldwide has added glutamine peptide to Xtreme Pro Whey™ to boost recovery and growth.


Creatine Monohydrate is among the most widely used and many effective bodybuilding supplements today. This is due to its quick-results when it comes to strength and size gains. Within two to three days useful an individual can gain five to ten pounds with noticeably bigger muscles.

This nutrient is of course created in your body and kept in muscle tissues as energy. It can be found in lean red meats and eco-friendly leafy vegetables. However as people cannot eat voluminous levels of these every day, supplementation is essential to saturate muscle cells.

Creatine renews your muscle mass essential power source, ATP or adenosine triphosphate. Elevated levels in muscles optimizes energy turnover meaning you’ll more energy for top power exercise and faster recovery after and during workouts. Creatine also boosts the athlete’s maximum effort, delays fatigue and for that reason prolongs endurance.



Xtreme Methoxy Rx is really a superior anabolic formula that utilizes a mix of supplements that will help you gain incredible levels of lean muscle mass.

Xtreme Methoxy Rx contains large doses of those potent legal anabolic compounds: Methoxyflavone, Ipriflavone and Ecdysone. These compounds increase nitrogen retention through employed in different pathways.

Sports Diet International’s customized Protein Rx™ blend, with a mixture of Whey protein Isolate, Whey protein Peptides and micro/ultra filtered Whey protein Concentrate. Protein Rx™ obtains Glutamine Peptides, Taurine and Arginine to improve protein synthesis, multiply recovery occasions, stimulate glucose uptake while increasing the discharge of GH.

The mix includes Zinc and Magnesium Aspartate plus vitamin B6, the combination of which boosts testosterone levels, assisting you get the anabolic effect while increasing strength gains.


This contains pure whey protein protein and glutamine peptides.

Xtreme Pro Mass supplies a scrumptious high carb-protein ratio (2:1) to stimulate muscular growth after workout. It is really an easy-mix, low-fat drink with everywhere glycemic carbohydrates which supplies a sustained discharge of energy to diligent muscle.


Xtreme Pro Pump is really a creatine transport system that mixes nutrients to facilitate faster absorption into muscle tissues.

Xtreme Pro Pump consists of quadruple stack of Alpha Lipoic Acidity, Vanadyl sulfate, Chromium peptide, and d-pinitol. This formula helps improve insulin response when combined with dextrose. This really is vital for growing muscle tissue. Ipriflavone, methoxyflavone, and zinc and magnesium aspartate as additions get this to formula an entire anabolic supplement.

XTREME PRO Whey protein

This consists of 100% pure whey protein concentrate, isolate and whey protein peptides. Natural digestive enzyme complex is put into improve digestibility and assimilation, thus reducing bloating generally associated with protein ingestion.

Xtreme Pro Whey protein could be mixed easily with water or nonfat milk.