Stimulate Your Metabolism and Increase Weight Loss With These 8 Great Tips For Losing Weight


Everyone’s metabolism slows down as they age, and this unfortunately causes extra fat storage. Because a faster metabolism helps with weight loss, most people try to find ways to improve their metabolic rate as they age. Fortunately, this is actually very simple – improving your metabolism is all about finding the small things that you can do every day to cause your body to burn extra fat. These are 8 nuggets of metabolism information that can help you easily improve your metabolism.

1. A great way to burn extra calories by temporarily boosting your metabolism is drinking water. Water is great at absorbing body heat, so your body has to work  overtime to make sure that its keeping itself at a warm and stable temperature. Because of this, it is best to drink nice, cold ice water to maximize your metabolism boosting power. In fact, one study has shown that drinking water burns form carbohydrates in women and extra calories in men! This is all of course, not mentioning the tons of other amazing health benefits drinking water has.

2. Did you know that as you lose weight, your metabolism naturally slows down? This means you have to consume less calories as you lose weight to maintain that new, slender you. Of course, this doesn’t have to be a problem. The perfect way to combat this metabolism-slowing effect is to build muscle. As you burn fat, you want to make sure you are replacing it with lean muscle. Lean muscle helps to increase your metabolism by burning extra calories. – Even when you are just sitting. These muscle-building workouts are also more effective at increasing your metabolism than cardio or aerobic workouts.

3. Eat. A huge mistake some people make when trying to lose weight is starving themselves. Fasting is not only unhealthy, but it’s also harmful to weight loss efforts, as it causes your metabolism to slow down. When the body doesn’t think it’s going to be getting enough food in the future, it goes into fat-storage mode, and this is the last thing you want. Healthy meal portions are a good idea, but keep it reasonable. To really boost your metabolism, try eating smaller meals, but have more of them in a day.

4. Cut sugary foods out of your diet. If you want a healthy metabolism, sugar is your worst enemy. Sugar causes the body to store a higher percentage of calories as fat, while at the same time slowing metabolic rate. It’s a deadly one-two punch – your body is storing fat at a higher rate, and burning it more slowly. Cutting sodas and candy out of your diet is one of the fastest ways to boost your metabolism.

5. Get enough sleep. A good night’s sleep can have more of an impact on your metabolism than you might think. Countless studies have shown that well-rested people are thinner than those who don’t get enough sleep. Seven to eight hours are the magic numbers you should shoot for each night. We also know that muscle is regenerated in the very final hours of sleep each night, so getting enough sleep can help you increase your resting metabolic weight.

6. Fend off unnecessary stress. Stress isn’t only unpleasant, it’s unhealthy and it slows your metabolism way down. The belly is the worst area possible to accumulate extra fat, and as you may know, stress triggers fat storage in this unhealthy place, putting you at a higher risk of heart disease. It’s unrealistic to think you can always avoid situations that cause stress, but with a little bit of time management, you can find ways to relax and take your mind of things that are getting to you.

7. While spicy foods may not increase your metabolism permanently, they are a great way to temporarily rev up your metabolic rate. Studies have shown that consuming spicy foods increases your metabolism’s fat burning power by up to 8% for a short while after consumption. Spicy foods are also considered “heavy” foods. What does this mean? Simply put, they cause you to feel full faster than other foods, making it so that you don’t eat as much.

8. Exercise is a perfect way to increase your metabolism. But you don’t have to become a workout fanatic to cash in on this great tip. By just increasing your amount of activity in small doses, you can have an amazing effect on your fat-burning power. Things like taking the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator, or parking a bit farther away from the store may not make you sweat, but you will be getting more exercise on a regular basis.

The best thing about all of these tips is that they are not life-changing or hard to follow. It’s often not the big, giant steps that have the most impact, but the small things that add up to something greater. These tips are easy to follow and perfect for jump starting your metabolism, and by following them you’ll be helping your body on its journey for a healthier new you!

Source by Cole Carson