The 3 Day Tuna Diet – Can You Really Lose Weight Within Three Days on a Low Calorie Diet?


Maybe you have heard of the 3 day tuna diet and how it can make you lose 10 pounds to 15 pounds quickly. You can be that desperate to lose your weight off, but before jumping into this diet, there are some important things you should really know about.

The three day tuna diet is one of today’s favorite crash diets. Many people assume that there is no health risk with short diets just like this one. However, low calorie diets usually have adverse effects on your body’s metabolism. By using this kind of diet you may later gain weight, and probably put back more weight than you actually lost. 

This is not a healthy diet since it starves your body. You only get about 978 calories per day. Low calorie diets will put you in starvation mode during the first day. You will know it after beginning the three day tuna diet. You will feel sluggish, feel cold no matter how many blankets you have, and even some people dream of food dancing right in front of them when they wake up. These symptoms are indications that your body is in a starvation mode.

The 3 day tuna diet is nearly close to a very low calorie diet or VLCD for short. The three days duration is just an illusion. You will truthfully be on and off this diet for one month. 

This kind of crash diet involves eating foods that are not balanced and will not help you lose weight permanently. This diet only allows you some small amounts of fish and chicken, some peanut butter, a few vegetables and an apple for dinner. If you follow all that, then you can get ice cream too, which is not really a healthy diet.

A large portion of the three day tuna diet are made up of refined carbohydrates which have very little nutritional value or none at all. When you eat very low calorie foods that has some bread and sugars in them, then your food cravings are essentially increased because there is more production of insulin when we eat these carbohydrates.

Low calorie diets will only give you food cravings. After dieting for three days, you are most likely to end up eating unhealthy foods during the rest of the week, since you are free to eat anything you want. Studies made in the 1970s have shown that on average, the 3 day tuna dieter will eventually gain up to eight pounds a few weeks after finishing the diet. It may help you lose some pounds at the start but in the end you will most likely gain back the weight you lost or may gain back even more.

Source by Xylene Belita