The 3 Weight Loss Foods Vandalizing Your Results


Eating and living healthy are the main ingredients that lead to weight loss and ultimately, long live. Dietary professionals advise people on what foods are required in a diet to achieve weight loss, but to most of you, these food types lead to little weight loss or worst still, no results at all!

But where do people go astray? What is lacking to help drop the scale? These are questions that linger in the minds of aspiring weight losers. The problem is not with motivation and dedication. It all lies in some of the foods we allegedly term as weight loss food, but in the real sense, they aren’t. Since they are all over blogs and the web, most of us take them as gospel truths with little knowledge of what role they play in sabotaging the results we aim to achieve. Below we take a look of some of those foods to avoid to achieve ultimate weight loss results.

Fruit-flavored yogurt

To most dieters, yogurt is always a significant weight loss food. But on closer analysis of its sugar contents, you will be more than surprised by the amount of calories you add to your body anytime you consume it. According to manufacturers, every serving contains 15 or more grams of sugar.

It is thus imperative that we choose to check the sugar content of any products before we purchase. The market offers sugar-free varieties, but you as well need to include extra flavors to make it consumable which are even worse. However all is not lost, you can opt for a plain Greek yogurt and flavor it at home using authentic berries.

Fat-free products

Most manufactured food products, if not all are termed as fat-free. Science has it that either sugar or fat are the main contributors to the addition of taste in the foods. It is hence a no brainer that once the fats are gotten rid of, something else is added to make it tasteful. Most probably the product is sugar. If you are serious about losing weight, sugar should not be present in any of your diets. Hence, once you consume the supposed fat-free food, you get exposed to the sugars and eventually increase body weight, and in the long run, no results are achieved.

Protein bars

Protein bars are a favorite of most dieters thanks to their high protein levels that are termed necessary for your weight loss. However, it is not the best option due to its high sugar content. Most of them have a total of 15 grams per bar while others can measure up to 40 grams depending on the levels of calories present. These are key culprits to an unrewarding weight loss expedition. Though there are varieties of protein bars with reduced sugar levels, their availability is very minimal.

If any of the above foods are present in your diet, you could probably be experiencing a challenge in your journey to losing weight. However, your weight loss dream could be achieved through our three-week diet, where we analyze the helpful and harmful foods for your weight loss.

Source by Abiodun Animashaun