The Green Tea Weight Loss Buzz


If you believe what you read on the internet, you might think that green tea is a cure all for every disease and ailment known to mankind. Is there any truth to the green tea buildup, or is the hype meant to empty your wallet? It is now widely believed that green tea is healthy for you. In fact, I’ve substituted my coffee regiment for three cups of green tea per day. Since I started drinking it regularly, I find that I am less hungry and more alert.

Would you believe that people have been drinking tea for 500,000 years? (there is evidence that indicates tea cultivation began in India and China). Green, black, and oolong are the three types of tea. Tea products can be purchased as a dried tea leaf for the most part (but extracts from the leaves and leaf buds can also be purchased).

Green tea is made from unfermented leaves, and believed to contain very high concentrations of polyphenols, an antioxidant. These antioxidants can neutralize free radicals and stop or reduce the damage they cause to the body.

A cup of green tea averages between 50 and 150mg of polyphenols. Because of the high concentration of polyphenols, this tea has been studied extensively in people, animals, and lab experiments. Conclusive results have not been found, but it appears that it does help prevent and even cure a variety of ailments. There is no convincing evidence to suggest it can help fight against coronary artery disease. According to population-based studies, drinking green tea on a daily basis can actually lower the risk of heart disease.

When it comes to warding off various types of cancer, population studies show that it may be one answer. It is widely believed that green tea helps fight cholesterol; if you’ve just eaten a high cholesterol meal, wash it down with green tea to lower the fat content in your blood. Drinking it may be one of the keys to prevention of diabetes and even liver disease. The healing powers attributed to green tea by the Internet community are almost endless.

The green tea weight loss phenomenon. The presence of EGCG, an antioxidant, means green tea can actually stimulate the body to burn fat. An additional 4% energy per day was burned by men who consumed three cups per day according to a Swiss study. This adds up to only an additional 80 calories a day (which isn’t much, but over time can add up to significant weight loss). In just a month, that adds up to 2,400 calories! Thousands of calories per month can be burned without ever changing diet or exercise, and all you have to do is drink green tea daily.

Mental alertness, concentration, and problem solving are also believed to be improved by green tea. I can speak to the benefits of it, having experienced improved mental clarity and better concentration while under the influence of green tea. I am involved in computer programming, web design, and general system maintenance on the side. My problem solving abilities are definitely at their best when I’ve been drinking green tea.

You can purchase it in tea bags and loose leaf. These two forms are the most common. Instant powder teas and tea extracts are also available. Which variety is best for you? That’s open for questioning. Articles and studies on the internet may contend that one form of green tea is better than another. The traditional tea bag works just fine for me. I buy green tea bags in bulk, and enjoy hot tea seven days a week.

Source by Michelle Spencer