The Inverted Scale of Weight Loss


Traditionally, we've grown to think that it is very arduous and painful to lose weight … and the more overweight one has, the harder it is to lose it.

This is mainly caused by using unbalanced diets which make you feel WORSE than you did before starting the weight loss program.

However, if you use a correctly balanced diet, the incredible thing is that the more overweight you are, the easier it is to lose those extra pounds.

Losing weight becomes hard only once you're close to your ideal weight.

Overweight acts as weightlifting in a sense. With say 50 pounds of overweight, you're actually carrying that much extra weight around. With body fat, it's located neatly around the body, making it much easier to carry around than if you had other weights.

But it's there … and the act of carrying it, keeping it within the blood circulation and at the needed body temperature all consume quite a lot of calories.

Overweight simply means more work for the body which means a higher energy consumption. Thus, an overweight body will consume more calories and, if kept satisfied with a balanced diet, has an easier job at losing excess body fat.

The secret is in adopting a nutritionally well balanced diet which gives the body MORE of the nutrients it needs but fewer calories than what it consumes daily. If you only go for counting calories, the diet will not be easy nor painless, of course.

Furthermore, with a good amount of overweight, the diet is easier because you will not have to be all that precise. The increased activity level brought on by better nutrition will ensure that there's a good margin for error and you'll still lose weight.

The problem is not in the beginning of the weight loss. It's at the near-end of it.

Source by Katie R Smith