To Lose Weight – Doing Something Active Or Healthy is Better Than Not Doing Anything


It may have taken you months to get the leaseage to make the decision to become a healthier person more fit person, but the decision itself happened in an instant. You have decided to choose health and there is no turning back. If you have a lazy day or a lazy week, it's OK, you will get back on track. If you do not have an hour and half to exercise during the day, that is OK too. Try and remember that doing something active or healthy is always better than doing nothing.

All too often people who make the commitment to improving their health and fitness have a bad day or week and give up totally on their fitness goals. Remember: you made the decision to become healthy and there is no turning back. Of course you will pig out on junk food some days-or not exercise for a week-that does not mean that all is lost. Whenever you feel like you are falling off course and you have returned back to your old self, get out and do something healthy as soon as possible. Go for a fifteen minute walk. Prepare a healthy lunch for the next day. Briskly clean the house. Do ten push ups and ten burpees. Break the habit!

The idea behind doing something healthy when you are veering off course is quite simple. The fitness rewards side, doing something healthy breaks the negative mental cycle that can happen when we have an unhealthy day. When you have been unhealthy for a week and you start to think 'I've failed at this health kick again' that is when you need to quickly break the mental pattern and get yourself going right away. Do not wait. Do something. Do anything active and healthy to break the pattern and start thinking healthy again. Once you have completed something healthy you will see that you will feel re-energized and your motivation has returned. Just like that, you have taken hold of your health once again.

Doing something is better than nothing does not just help to break the negative mental cycle. It also helps with our physical fitness. With decreased leisure time and increased commitments it can be hard to find the proper amount of time to exercise. The standard time to spend in the gym runs about an hour. If you only have a half an hour to go to the gym, that is OK. Go anyway and try to fit an hour workout into a half hour. Watch as your workout intensity rises. What if you have even less time? Wake up fifteen minutes early and go for a power walk or run. It can be an amazing productive feeling to get a workout done in the morning – even if it is a quick one.

By doing something healthy instead of nothing we break our mental cycle and reap the health and fitness benefits associated with the activity. Too many people try to change every unhealthy habit they have in their lives all at once. As soon as one slip-up occurs, these people feel as though they have failed and abandon ship going back to their hold unhealthy habits. Remember, the decision has been made to become healthy. Doing something healthy is better than doing nothing at all.

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Source by Timothy Hemmerick