Tone Thighs – The Basics of Fat Loss and Toning


Most women have a part of their lower half that they’d like to alter. It’s ordinarily their rear, stomach, but frequently it’s the quads. Reducing thigh fat and strengthening the upper legs is usually one of the most toughest parts of the body for a woman to change. This is an area of the body that holds excess lipids(fats), and toning up or simply reducing your upper legs exclusively can at times appear impossible.

Controlling food intake is a great means to reduce fat, but it is unworkable to pinpoint a specified area with a mere fat reduction regime. Nearly all women lose fat in areas other than the thighs, like the stomach, breasts and hips. A combination of a calorie controlled diet with a whole body aerobics session is a highly effective way to demonstrate long-term fast results.

Weight lifting will help to promote lipid loss. Adding cardiovascular exercise will facilitate and work to tone thighs, calves and the rest of your body quickly. Gym and health clubs have a number of devices that will isolate and work the adductors and abductors, which are known to you and me as the inner and outer muscles on the thighs. Machines like that are a fantastic way to tone your legs, however should you find yourself lifting heavy, excessive weights regularly, you will end up with a way to increase the size of your thigh muscles! Obviously, this is the opposite of what we want.

The most powerful weapon of all though is attitude and motivation. It is often noted that the only difference between those who are slim and those who are fat are the beliefs that each person holds. While it may initially be tricky to start, as you see the results come in, the evidence of your mission to tone thighs will come shining through. This will spur you on more. By breaking down your weight loss and dieting goals into small chunks, you can focus on achieving each subsequent small goal. Looking only at the far off target will be off putting. Splitting big goals down into manageable chunks is exactly what the most successful people do in all areas of life, so if you want to be successful in losing your body fat, set small successive goals.

And when you achieve them, celebrate! Reward yourself, but not with food. Buy a new dress. Go out somewhere fun. Whatever it is, make sure you bathe in the feeling of your success, because each one you achieve brings you one step closer to your dream becoming reality.

A final word on motivation. It was once noted that motivation doesn’t last. They are right of course, which is why you should do it daily! What is the point in dieting and looking after your body if you are poisoning your mind with toxic ideas and bad self talk? Read other peoples success stories and surround yourself with tales of how other women overcame their troubles. We are all the same inside, so if they can lose the weight, so can you.

Source by Bernie Williams