Top 3 NATURAL Supplements To Grow A Bigger Penis Size (NOT Enhancement Pills!)


You want to grow a bigger penis size right? Yes? Okay, well you also want to make sure that you ACTUALLY grow bigger, right? Yes? Alright, now the last question: Do you want to grow bigger… without harming your health? Can I answer that for you?


What man in their right mind would want to use a method that has harmful ingredients in them that can cause all kinds of issues with their bodies… and then not even work effectively to increase their penis sizes?!

Of course, I’m talking about majority of these so called “enhancement pills” out here these days.

My friend, I could write 5,000 words and would barely scratch the surface on why enhancement pills are nowhere near enhancing any man’s size! But, the bottom line of these pills is that they contain ingredients in them that can slightly increase blood flow (it takes more than JUST more blood to get big), and these ingredients also come with a plethora of side-effects.

To truly grow a bigger manhood, everything, and I’m talking about EVERYTHING you do must be 100% natural. This is what us men are blindfolded to whenever we start looking into increase our sizes. Most of us don’t realize that you actually CAN grow bigger… but it’s only going to happen if the method is 100% natural.

Now, in just a little bit I’ll talk about the natural route I took that caused me to grow 2 inches in less than 8 weeks, but first I wanted to talk to you about supplements.

Supplements To Grow Bigger

You see, you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on pills to maximize your size. You can take 100% all natural supplements that can help with enlarging your manhood.

Supplements can help you by doing exactly what those enhancement pills do… and that would be increasing blood circulation… NATURALLY. The better your blood flow throughout your body, the better your chances of getting a bigger penis, getting and maintaining a rock hard erection, lasting longer in bed, and more.

The top 3 natural supplements that I highly recommend are Turmeric, Ginger, and Cayenne Pepper. The good thing about those 3 supplements is that they can also be added to foods and drinks.

But it doesn’t stop there…

All 3 of those supplements will help your body in a TON of other ways as well. I’m talking about weight loss, fat loss, skin care, digestive health, improving your mood, and more!

Now, there is another reason enlargement pills aren’t effective, and also why you need more than just those supplements above in order to grow bigger…

It takes more than JUST improved blood flow to maximize your size…

How To Get HUGE…

To truly increase your penis size to something remarkable, you have to improve your blood circulation (which you can use those supplements above), and you have to do the following…

1.) You have to make your pubococcygeus muscle stronger. This is made possible with tensing routines. The stronger this muscle is, the better blood flow will enter in your penile shaft, the longer you’ll last with sex, and more.

2.) You have to enlarge your corpora cavernosa chambers (which are the 2 chambers that take in blood and form your erection). You can probably see the HUGE point right here… and the point is; what good is more blood flow if your penile chambers can’t hold more blood? See what I mean? This is why it’s also mandatory that you maximize the penile chambers that hold blood… along with increasing blood flow.

Enlarging your corpora caveronsa chambers are made possible with varying massaging routines.

3.) You have to elongate your suspensory ligament. This ligament controls how long your penis is. This is made possible with varying stretching routines.

Once you combine the prevention of inhibiting blood flow (such as smoking or eating too much processed foods), NATURALLY increasing blood flow (such as taking those supplements above), and doing natural routines on your manhood, not only are you virtually GUARANTEED a bigger penis size… this growth happens fast, natural, and you keep your new gains FOR LIFE.

Source by Anthony Sciuto