Weight Loss For Busy People


There are things, which we must do and things which we want to do, which have a higher priority to us than spending hours and effort on weight loss. Professionals recommend that we spend valuable time and effort to lose weight although exercise programs and proper diet, but what we need is a simple, easy, and effective way to lose weight.

We need a program which will fit into our busy life style and allow us to do all of the important things of our lives with minimum interruptions. Exercising involves time for the exercise, time for travel and time for the clean up from the activity. This time can be hard to find in the 24 hour day, which must include family, work, and other interest. Either we do not exercise or we take the time from other activities. Each answer is perfect, and we carry the extra pounds to show the answer we chose.

People will tell you of their diet plan and how to lose weight. There are many plans for you to consulted, and even became confused by all the different diet theories. But all the plans suggest you should eat less And exercise. I suggest that you use moderation in what and how much you eat, what exercise you do and who you believe.

AS for as the stress, which comes from trying to lose weight, from the cravings, binge eating, and not eating to satisfy our hunger. This stress will defeat us without we understand the cause of it. The cause is a nutritional deficiency in the brain. This lack of neurotransmitter in the brain cause the message "I need specific nutrient" to be misunderstood as "I need more food". And we eat until the brain is satisfied and the body is overloaded. All the unused is stored as fat. The body is very efficient at storing for "bad" times and we can see the results.

Suggestions from people we trust can have more impact on what we chose to believe than facts. And some facts do not fit in our belief system, which we have developed over our life span. A good example is that weight loss must involves work and time. This does work, but it takes time, which we do not have. We need a system of weight loss which can fit into our busy, busy days. and a system that works year after year.

There is a system. It was developed by the Russian space program to prevent bone loss, while in orbit of the earth. The system has other benefits. Weight loss is the one I'm most excited about. In ten minutes a day. We can lose weight and maintain that loss.

This is very doable. With some slight reorganization of our time, We can control our eating and get the exercise we need in only ten (10) minutes per day. This allows us time for family and work, and prolong our natural lives. We will enjoy all of the activities more due to our increased stamina and our physical appearance.

Source by Ed Grinder