Weight Reducing Programs That Work


Ask ten people what exercises to do, they will probably say the same thing. They will tell you they need to do 30-40 minutes of cardiovascular exercise 3 or more times a week.

This has been the weight reduction program recommended by many professionals in the fitness world. Get your heart rate to a target range and staying at the heart rate for 30 or more minutes, then do this again several times a week. Instead there is a better way.

You can burn calories while you run mindlessly on a treadmill, but this can not sustain weight loss or management by this type of exercise alone.

In fact, cardio exercise may actually be unproductive to fat burning. Here are some reasons:

Long duration, less intestinal aerobics request that your body's fat stores energy during your activity. This actually causes your body to produce more fat in its reserves in order to get you ready for the next workout.

Even worse, while this type of exercise does train your heart to be effective. Your heart and lungs actually can reduce their ability to work. They become more efficient in these activities, which reduces the ability of these organisms to manage the stress placed on it.

This could also lead to other problems, including a greater chance of a heart attack. You never push or test your ability to go beyond what its capable of doing.

Alternately, you need to be challenging the body. You need to increase its capacity. Make it stronger and more able to cope with stress easily. So how do you make all this happen?

The fastest and best way to jump start your body so that you can burn fat quickly is to add muscle. This is best achieved through weight or resistance training. That's it. If you want life changing results, then build muscle. Get stronger. Adding muscle to your body will make you become a fat burning automaton!

Let's say you currently eat the calories that keep your weight, then added more muscle to your body through weight training. This would mean that you will need to use some calories to feed the newly added muscles. This will create a calorie deficiency causing you to lose weight in your body faster.

Using weight training causes the repair process and formation of new muscles to use your body's stored fat to energize its activities. These processes help you burn fat every minute of the day. These effects continue to burn fat even while you are sitting down. Just do not sit around all day. You need to train those muscles at some point.

And most shocking is that it does not take much time working out. Fat loss through strength gains and muscle creates an environment that you can actually lose fat with 2 or 3 weekly workouts between 20 and 30 minutes. This means less time at spent working out and more time doing the things you enjoy in life.

So when you hit the gym head to the weight machines instead. A vicious training program will have those pounds coming off FAST. That is why weight training and strength programs are an incredible way to weight reduction.

Source by Kirk J Allen