What Weight Loss Exercise Programs Actually Work?


A daily physical exercise can do an immunize good to the overweight persons in losing the weight. Physical exercise may take any form. It may be as light as a simple morning walk and as strenuous as lifting heavy weights. If you are over weight, it would be a good idea to start taking regular exercise. But before you settle for a specific exercise, you must consult your doctor or weight loss specialist about what kind of exercise is suitable for your physical condition. A too light an exercise may not work and a heavy one may prove detrimental.

How does exercise help in reducing the weight? The right kind of workout whether on a tread mill in a gym or in the open fields in form of jogging, cycling or running may burn out all the extra fats and calories generated by them. Not only do the exercises burn the extra fats and reduce the flesh, they make your body strong, muscular and healthy. They infuse fresh oxygen into the body that cleanses the blood and eliminates the toxins.
Although your doctor or the weight specialist is the best person to prescribe the right kind of exercise for you, still there are certain important features and benefits that should characterize your kind of exercise.

A regular exercise can help an overweight person to over come the fatigue that plagues him all the time. Ask him to walk for a short distance and he will feel tired and tend to lose his breath.

Your kind of exercise should help your metabolic system to function efficiently and convert the food that you take into energy. It would not allow the fats to remain undigested in the body and increase the weight.

If you can not force yourself to do the exercise independently by yourself, you may try out some commercial weight loss programs. A special benefit of such programs is that they are contacted by the professionals. They maintain a daily record of your response to the exercise and make changes in them on regular basis to give the best benefits.
The only requisite is that you should stick to their exercise time with regularity and discipline. Along with the exercises, you may also be required to take special diets that fit your individual needs.

It must be noted that the exercises need not be hard and strenuous. They are usually simple.

A typical self exercise program may require you to start with a light walk to warm you up and then increase your pace to tire you a bit. You may also take a light exercise for 10 minutes for 6 days a week or 20 minutes for 3 days a week.
Another exercise in warming up may take the form of stretching for about 5-10 minutes. Follow it up with a power walk for 5 minutes and then a slow walk for 2 minutes.
You may also jog for 50 meters and slow-walk for 100 meters.

These exercises may be continued to keep your weight under control.

Source by Frank Woodford