Which Exercises Promote Weight Loss?


What types of exercises reduce fat?

You have several exercise choices to lose weight: stretching workouts, mindful training, strength training and aerobic exercise. I'll go over all four and offer some suggestions.

First comes stretching. Ahhh, the wonderful feeling in the morning when you reach into the air, or that relaxing feeling in your legs when touching your toes after driving for many hours. Stretching is great for flexibility, fine for warm ups, and good for injury recovery, but it's a waste of time for weight loss.

Second comes mindful. The word "mindful" applies to several alternate forms of exercise like yoga, Tai chi, Qigong, Pilates, and some martial arts. These workouts may involve mental focus, slow movements, stretching or strength training. Mindful exercise is great for peace of mind, but not for weight loss.

Third comes strength training. Obviously lifting weights is only for guys bulking up their muscles. NO! Not true. Sure it CAN be used to build muscle, but also builds strength and muscle fiber without increasing muscle size. Why bother? There are lots of reasons for weight training, but the best reason to bolster muscle cells is because they burn calories. Lift weights, burn calories, lose weight. Surprised?

Finally, comes aerobics. Cardiovascular exercise is the king of weight loss. Thirty minutes moderate intensity most days. (By the way, there are many more efficient ways to train if you're healthy and not too overweight-why workout longer than you have to?) Find an aerobic exercise you enjoy, learn how to do it correctly, and watch the weight melt off.

Summary : strength training and aerobics are both great tools for losing weight. Learn to use both of them effectively and efficiently. Stretching and mindful exercises are great for your mental health and special circumstances, just make sure your primary exercises are strength training and aerobics if you'd like to lose weight.

Source by Greg Mumm