Why Constipation Causes Weight Gain


In a way, it might be said that Constipation causes perceived weight gain. What that means is that you can carry as much as 30 lbs. of impacted feces, which, of course, shows on the scale and on your gut. But, it isn’t weight gain in the classic sense. In other words, it isn’t fat or muscle. It is feces, undigested food, mucous and other debris.

Theoretically, if you could have a 30-lb bowel movement, the excess weight would be gone, but that is unlikely.

The most important thing to learn is that the condition of being severely impacted is dangerous and unhealthy. Sometimes surgical intervention is required. It is best to handle constipation before it gets out of control.

If you have gone one week without a bowel movement, it isn’t too soon to address your condition. You are Constipated! At this early stage, it can be handled by a change in diet and some natural supplements.

Eat healthy foods. You will lose weight and eliminate constipation. Don’t worry about the amount of food you are eating. But, try to make consistently better choices for yourself. Even if you are stuck with friends at a fast food restaurant, order the salad.

For a while, eliminate wheat, sugar and dairy. That means no bread, cheese, or ice cream/milk for a while. These foods are very hard on your digestive system and cause constipation and weight gain. Instead, eat lots of salads and small amounts of chicken or fish. Use healthy dressings with no sugar added. No pasta, potatoes, white rice, or pizza-just for a little while. You can have a small amount of brown rice at dinner.

Take a tablespoon of psyllium in water or juice morning and evening before bed. Metamucil is a psyllium product. You can find other brands at your health food store. Make sure they are pure psyllium with no additives.

Drink your allotment of water. That would be at least eight glasses a day. Water is great for flushing toxins from the cells of your body. Additionally, it will help you stay hydrated and begin to loosen impacted feces.

Walking is a great way to get the system moving. Walk a mile five times a week. If you have some free weights, lift those while you watch TV. I use a small trampoline and 8-lb. weights. It’s an easy way to get in my daily exercise.

Take a supplement designed specifically to support the colon. It is a great constipation remedy. I have a free trial offer at the end of this article. These all-natural herbal supplements are perfect for constipation relief. They clean you out and sooth the entire digestive system.

It is said that if your intestines are healthy, your whole system is healthy!

Source by Christine C Strong