You Do not Really Need Low Carb Meal Plans


Any time you hear the term "meal plans", when applied to a diet, you should throw in the towel immediately. Low carb meal plans are designed to take all the initiative out of learning on you own how to eat correctly for weight loss, and even more importantly, for the maintenance of weight loss. You will never get the obsession monkey, or gorilla, you're your back until you know how to handle your food choices without having someone make them for you.

And diets, with their insistence that you weigh and measure every morsel which you put in you mouth, in no way prepare you for the after-diet world in which you will be making many meal decisions on the spur of the moment. You can carry the diet scales around with you if you like, but it's a lot easier just to ask for the smallest portion of whatever it's you are ordering.

Why Some People Need Food Plans

You may be wondering why, given the widely advertised, celebrity-approved diet organizations with low carb meal plans, or any structured eating regimens, for that matter, can get away with it. The simple fact is that diet organizations know many people who are trying to overcome and eating addiction need the support of others who are sharing their struggle. By providing all of them with the same guidelines, newsletters, online chat rooms, and group activities like weekly weigh-in sessions, they make insecure people feel more capable of handling their weight loss attempt.

But the insistence on a weight loss plan which removes the choices from an individual, while it may pay off short term, is doing little to teach him or her how to develop a lifelong, healthy nutrition program. A lifestyle of counting calories and weighing portions, and avoiding entire groups of foods is either the healthiest or most likely to succeed.

Low Carb Food Plans Are Easy

The irony of it is that planning meals is not rocket science, and once you have a few basics down, you'll wonder how low carb meal plans from diet food makers ever become a selling point.

The first way to start developing you low carb meal plans is to collect some low carb recipes; There are thousands of them available on the Internet for free. You'll be surprised at how many low carb meal plans are built around food which you are already buying for your family, so you're not going to have to shell out very much extra for special ingredients. The object is to have sticking to your low carb meal plan as little additional work as possible.

Of course you family will probably use a large number of high carb foods in their meals, but your low carb meal plan can still work as planned; You simply need to restrict the intake of those foods, or replace them completely with a low carb alternative. As long as your low carb alternatives taste as good as whatever they are replacing, the switch may not be difficult.

Any low carb food plan, if it is to provide adequate nutrition, should contain as many natural, unrefined foods as possible; Everyone needs carbs for fuel, but everyone also neds the vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients which get lost when natural carbs are processed. You low carb food plan should also include small amounts of whole grains and fruits; Low fat dairy products; And plenty of health-enhancing vegetable or nut-based oils.

Source by Wade Robins